Friday, April 1, 2011

Pinkalicious Pretzels

 My daughter is a big fan of the Pinkalicious Books and so we decided to make pinkalicious pretzels for a fun treat. We started with a bag of pink colored vanilla flavored chocolate melts. We found them at A.C. Moore. You can find them at Party City and Michael's too.
Start by putting your candy melts into a double broiler. Fill your pot about half way and place the double broiler in your pot. Melt candy over medium to low heat, stirring until smooth.
 Have your pretzels ready to coat in chocolate. We covered a cookie sheet with parchment paper and placed our pretzels on top.
We used forks to flip our pretzels, making sure the entire pretzel got covered. The more pink, the prettier (and sweeter)!                                    

 My daughter's favorite part was getting to sprinkle the pink pretzels with more pink (sprinkles)!! Next, we put the tray in the freezer for about 15 minutes.
I put several in a bag and tied with pink ribbon. She gave them away, but I was thinking they would make a perfect Pinkalicious Party Favor. Add some stickers to the outside of your bags and you're set!

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