Sunday, January 23, 2011

Toy Story Birthday Party

 Kids love cardboard boxes-especially when they are decorated to look like rocket ships!

 Make your own Mr. (or Mrs.) Potato Head Craft.
 The kids did a great job!
 Store bought cookies
 Homemade favors

 We hid little plastic army guys everywhere. They looked great on the tops of hanging picture frames. The kids had a treasure hunt to find them. Once they found them all they got to pick a prize.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Make a Valentine Headband

 Start with two heart shapes cut from felt.
 Get a headband to match. I found this at target and it was already covered by cloth and that made it easier to sew my hearts to it at the end.
Using a tread and needle sew sequins to one of the hearts.
 Keep sewing until you cover an entire heart.
 Hold the plain heart under the headband where you want it to be.
 Place the sequin heart on top. The headband should be in the middle of the two hearts. Sew the two hearts together. Make sure to pick up some of the fiber from the headband so that the hearts don't end up sliding down. The best way to do this is to tack the hearts onto the headband at the top and the bottom of the hearts.


Christmas Crafting

 Salt dough ornaments. The kids had fun painting them and decorating them with glitter.
Elf photo stand-in. I used foam board and paint.