Monday, April 4, 2011

Dr. Seuss Party

 The dessert table. The Green Eggs and Ham cupcake idea came from Kara's Party Ideas. The coolest party blog!

 I made hanging Cat in the Hat hats by covering toilet paper tubes.

 Cat in the Hat marshmallow chocolate and brownie pops! I used large marshmallows and dipped one end into melted chocolate. I dipped the chocolate in sprinkles and slid the marshmallow through the skewer. I did this 2 times for each pop.Then I put the pops in the freezer on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper for about 15 minutes. Just long enough for the chocolate to set. Earlier, I made a batch of brownies and to finish, I took a small round cookie cutter and cut out circle brownies. I slid one circle brownie onto each pop to make the rim of the hat. I put craft foam covered in foil in the bottom of this dish so that I could stick the skewers in and have them standing for the party. I covered the foam with m&m's.

I used oatmeal canisters and dishwasher tab canisters to make large Cat in the Hat dessert stands.

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  1. Wow!! What a party décor. Your dessert table is really awesome with yummy things. Simply in love with these marshmallow pops. Need to pan my nephew’s birthday party at one of New York venues. Will surely use some of your ideas there.